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Your Online source for New York Highway Use Tax Permits.
We provide Expedited service to our customers and strive for a pleasant online experience every time.

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For Trucks over 18,001 GVW.This temporary to permanent permit is emailed to you within 48-72 business hours (depending on volume or any discrepancies advised  to us by the State of New York). This permit will place your truck VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) and Tag number on file with the State of New York. You will also receive a sticker to place on the front of your truck to be displayed at all time while traveling in New York.



  • Once we receive your permit from NY, we will email it to you. NY may request a copy of your CP575 (this is the document that the IRS issues when your company is assigned an FEIN number,

  • Once you have an active NYHUT account, it is your responsibility to file the quarterly tax returns(same deadlines as IFTA). This must be filed EVEN IF there are not any miles traveled in New York during the quarter.(zero return). This can be achieved by filing form MT-903.
    Below are links to this form along with the instruction guide.

    MT-903MN RETURN            MT-903i INSTRUCTIONS

  • If you have (or have ever had) a previous account with New York State, permits will NOT be issued if there is a previous unpaid balance or quarterly return that is outstanding.

  • Effective April 1, 2006 New York requires all new applicants to register prior to be issued a permit (temporary or permanent), this is included in your permit service.


Your credit card transaction will be processed by Authorities Direct. Please EXPECT this on your credit card statement.
The Permit cost includes a minimum $50 NON-REFUNDABLE handling fee per permit REGARDLESS of NY State's decision to grant your permit. and are not affiliated with the State of New York and are not liable for your responsibilities to the State of New York or FMCSA/DOT compliance.

Sunset Over New York City

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